Sunday, April 24, 2011


I read postsecret every sunday and one this week was pretty fitting. I know the voice this guy is talking about, but I am willing to bet once he does it once the voice will only get louder.

Hope you guys all had a great easter. Ill post tomorrow to talk about mine.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I almost made this post Rebecca Black themed.

So it is Friday and thanks to Ms. Rebecca Black we all now have a really great song to sing about it. And while that is reason enough to make this post about her song because it is Friday (yesterday was Thursday, I'm glad she made the song educational) that is not the approach I am taking.

I had a true Rebecca Black decision to make this week. She was so concerned about what seat to take in the car with her 13 yo friends (NO seat, they can't drive, this is a car accident waiting to happen). Her options being the front or back. I made a very similar decision this week as I had to choose from two different job offers. Yep, two companies wanted to hire my perpetually hung over but still hardworking butt to work for them. I would say that the first company was more like the front seat, more business professional and had a much older group of people working for them where as the company for the back seat is much younger and much more of a casual work environment. The backseat company was also in a cooler city and offered the chance to do work I am more interested in.

So which seat did I take?? The backseat. I really felt it was the right place for me and I am really pumped about it. I am most likely starting in the middle of the summer so I will have time to live a little before I enter the working world. Anyways guys this is just a short post. I have to run to class and then it is time for drinking to start for the weekend. Have a good one guys. I promise to not complain as much on here anymore, my life is going in a good direction and I am determined to enjoy my twenties. I hope everyone has a #winning weekend.

This is a throw back drinking tune that I am a little obsessed with.