Monday, January 21, 2013

The heat.

What up blog world. I have tried to write this post a few times but wasn't sure what to say or how to say it but here goes...  (Thanks for the comments, it really does encourage me to write more, which helps me figure out all the shit going on in my head)

I close my eyes and I can go back to so many moments when I feel the heat of another guys chest... Boobs are great, don't get me wrong, but the heat of a chiseled pec on a naked guy just barely covered by the sheets of a bed, that is a whole different animal. Actually, it is almost an animalistic desire or emotion. I can think of a few different times where I was laying next to a hot buddy, post orgasm, and would just lay my hand on the epicenter of  the heat I start to get hard again. Just thinking about that takes me back to some really good times.

A couple different things in my life have made me think about that, the first being the Frat Memoirs that a couple other bloggers talked about from  I have only 1 story left to finish but it sounds like the guy who wrote them just dropped off the internet and reading what is the last one will really bother me... especially without a resolution so I am waiting on that. But reading these stories made me think about my decision in college to not go Greek. Something I have looked back on with questionable feelings. Between the hot stories I read online and some extreme loneliness I felt these past couple weeks I really started to wonder what life would be like if I had letters of my own. I am pretty sure  I wouldn't have met my gf and I am glad things have worked out the way they have, I also wish I had a close group of brothers to talk to and do shit together. Yeah I have friends from college, really good friends, but I am the only one in my city and we only get together every couple months. 

Anyways, I hope you all are good. And enjoy the song I picked. Pandora brought it back into my life recently.  I want you all to know I am feeling better and have been doing stuff with coworkers and friends to beat the boredom, so much so that I postponed writing this for a week.. so things are on the up.

Stay classy but have fun my friends.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

And so it goes

I have no idea how long it has been, but I am still thinking I am going to delete this thing here soon. I just wanted to put another post out there because I read on "Bi Like Me's" blog he talked to his first sexual experience and I recently had a similar event occur. I didn't actually talk to the guy who introduced me to guy on guy action but when I was home over Christmas I went to the local bar area and ran into a bunch of people from high school, people I never really talked to in High School but that is long gone so now we talk. One kid that I thought was an ass even bought my buddy and I shots... what do I care, its free shots.

Anyways this has nothing to do with that. So I run into a guy who grew up down the street from me, Nick and I start asking him about Kevin, who also lived in our neighborhood. They were much closer than I was with either of them and he dropped off social media a while ago. I knew Kevin wasn't doing so hot back in college because he would message me around the holidays and ask to meet up in parking garages or something like that when he came back to visit, his family had moved away and he would stay with friends and while bouncing around he would try and get ahold of me. I met him once or twice (I was a horny college kid). But it was nothing really. Anyways it turns out he has been to rehab a couple times. He got a girl pregnant and married her, but I know he always struggled with stuff. Most recently things were going well with his son and wife and then he just went off the deep end, had a melt down and drank and smoked himself into the hospital one day where he almost died from the mix of pills he had taken and all the booze he drank. He apparently ended up in a psych facility because he had a break down about being gay in the middle of his drunken stupor and scared his wife. I hope he gets the help he needs, I feel guilty for some reason but I am not really sure why...

Well I hope everyone is well. 2013 is here and I am hungover on my couch so it feels like not much has changed for me.

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep Calm and Love On.