Saturday, March 31, 2012

5 months. No, that can't be right...

It has been 5 months since I have been on here and for that I apologize for the pure and simple of fact that I gave no explanation of my disappearance. Not that I really think anyone reads this but I like to think that once upon a time someone did. (ego inflation) Anyways my life is pretty much where I left it last time I was here, my family is in shambles and I am holding it together with weekend trips and scotch tape. My personal life if great, the job is going really well and I am already up for another promotion which would mean maybe even more travel. I hope everyone out there in blog world is doing well. I plan on writing a post or two tomorrow because  I will be bored and have internet access and have some shit on my mind.

Hope everyone out there is getting laid and staying safe.

Guy Next Door.

Just like back in the day. Here is a good tune to listen to while you ponder what fuck I did for 5 months, or you don't ponder that and just go on with your life. Either way, listen to the song.