Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm Back.

How are y'all doing? It has been a while and I have been super fucking busy. Life is going really well, got promoted and a couple raises, Liz and I are doing great, getting ready for the big day. My family is a shit storm, but I am putting me first and letting people know my feelings instead of sacrificing everything to keep the peace/balance.

That is enough of that bullshit. Overall I am good. I have made a couple new friends through this thing and had some people reach out to me through e-mail relating to my story so I have enjoyed getting to know people all over the country.

I just wanted to leave you with a few summer jams as I got my last real tan this past weekend and am going to watch this summer fade out in the rear view mirror of life.

First up is a country tune that in a really cheesy way summarizes my summer with Liz. (So fucking corny and I don't give one fuck.)

Next would be the song Spotify brought into my life and with every song Spotify brings me, I am that much more thankful. This one is my "windows down, late night drive, don't want a song that is on the radio" song. Coyote - The Lonely Fores
Finally I have my feel good drinking song that I just recently started listening to. Icona Pop really does know how to make me want to break it down with my white man dance moves.

Anyways talking to guys across the country who are all in different parts of their discovery has been really enjoyable and I get as much from them as they do from me, sometimes I think I might even benefit more. So I hope all you bros are enjoying the football season (Liz's fantasy team is stacked compared to mine but her league, 6 girls, has a little less competition so I don't feel so bad) But I hope you all get to go out, enjoy a beer and cheer for your team this year.

Anyways I am headed to bed but I wanted to leave you guys with a quote from the book I just finished "Remember tonight, for it's the beginning of forever." I have been trying to keep that on my mind recently, really enjoying the things that have come into my life and also taking advantage of the moment I am in. It sounds stupid and shit but I have a lot of shit planned out for my future... 3 kids at 30, lake house, family vacations, and who knows if it all happens, but for now I am going to make this shit count and realize that people coming into my life now can have a lasting change.

ALRIGHT ONE MORE SONG.... sheeesh calm down. No but this one is my WTF song of the day. Listen to the lyrics... its slightly like Royals by Lorde... but a little more out there. Habits - Tove Lo
Stay classy Dudes. GND.