Friday, July 15, 2011


Wow. It has been a while, and I regret that fact but I have been somewhat distracted recently in my life. I am currently working through my parents separating and have had other family stuffy going on this summer. This has lead to some spill over into other areas of my life including my new job and my relationship. Things are pretty much back to normal at work and I will start traveling here soon, so hopefully I will be able to update from many a hotel room across the USA while on business travel.

This is by no means the way I thought my first summer out of college would be going, but I guess we are all forced to grow up when we least expect it.

 I have 5 posts started that are not finished, I feel like failure. But I will update more, it is helpful in sorting out my feelings.

Last things, shout out to RJ for the year mark. I can't thank you enough for everything man.