Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My Hormones have been off the charts recently. I will get some with GF2 and then a few hours later be looking for more. And the frustrating thing is I am really looking for a little man to man action. At least that is what I am craving right now. The sex with GF2 is getting better than it has been ever and it is also much more frequent but in my down time I find myself with a hand down my pants thinking about having my other hand down some other guys pants. I really wish that I had a chill guy who I could just kick back with and get off with every once and a while. I have tried that a few times in college, 1 turned into BF1/Jake, another guy was chill for a while till his guilt for enjoying sucking a guy off got to him, and the third guy ended up being an ass. So over 4 years my three attempts have gone down in flames every time and I am left with my hand and some porn.

That isn't my only issue, I can't determine what I am looking for. Right now I am just coasting as I try and figure out my plans for next year. I have interviews in the next two weeks, so hopefully things will start to shape up for me. I feel like that is the theme of all my posts these days. I am stuck in idle and while my life sits in a spot of uncertainty, my dick is ready to jump out of my pants and play with whatever is around. This is much better to last semester where I got so stressed about my future I didn't even think about sex for  two weeks till I snapped out of it.

Luckily for me I have a ski trip and and a spring break in FL to look forward to. Until I go on my vacations I am just going to try and relax. In other news I HAVE to talk to Kyle this week about how mad at him I after he fucked me over. It is sad that I can barely be in a room with him without getting mad, and I really have not had time to talk to him because we have very opposite schedules and there are always people around if we are both home. I need to man up though, and I have a deadline.

What I really need to do is finish writing out my college years because if you have read this from the start  or at least from this post you think I am a total man whore. Which upon reflection, my freshmen year will not help you think otherwise, but I have calmed down... somewhat. That will not be happening today as I have a ton of homework to get done and want to go out after my night class (sorry this isn't my first priority, but it makes top five with booze sex school and sleep)

As for today's song, this is a new song by the lead singer of fall out boy but he is doing his own thing now. I didn't love Fall Out Boy, I saw them in concert when I went to see Blink-182 in concert and they were okay but for some reason this song has stuck with me all day today.  Depression is a little bit like happy hour, right? It's always got to be happening somewhere on any given night.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Down with the sickness

So the nation is enjoying a warm weather streak, and snow is melting everywhere and to quote my mother "I won't miss that shit one bit" thanks mom. No but anyways as the country warms up I get sick. So I am currently laying in bed watching TV on hulu. I called out of work for the 2nd or 3rd time ever today. I never do that, but as my time working there winds down I really don't care anymore.

Okay fast forward a few hours, I was typing this earlier and GF1 called to talk to me and then I went to lunch with Matt and Brad, two of my roommates who I have not really talked about much on here. We got food from one of my favorite places and then came back to the place and put a movie in. Pretty chill friday, now we are all just hanging before we go out tonight.

This post is more about me being sick than any of that. I have job interviews and lots of school work to get done in the next week so I am really hoping this cold goes away. In general I tend to get sick at the worst times, family vacations, around my birthday, the holidays and other such really inconvenient times to be sick. I don't know what it is, I guess I am just cursed. During my downtown today I did a little thinking about where I want to end up, and where I see myself in 6 months. I have so many options and can't decide what direction I want to head. Right now it is just a waiting game and I hate having my life in limbo. As for being sick I am just trying to power through and should probably drink a little less. I went out both Friday and Saturday nights but you only live once and I had a good time both nights.

Okay this post is kind of all over the place (no it is fucking everywhere, sorry about that)  and it is now Sunday and I started it on Friday. I am going to write another post this afternoon about some other stuff. This song is another pandora discovery from studying for my exams this past week, I have a thing for songs that have a guy and girl singing. Not sure why.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A litte house cleaning on Valentines Day

So it is almost Valentines Day and I am trying to get a few things in order so I thought I would give you guys an update on my life. I need to take some time to catch up on a lot of the blogs out there but between school, work, and enjoying my last semester to the fullest.

So GF2 and I did gifts tonight and made dinner together, it was nice and things are going pretty well. We got in a small fight last night but she apologized today when we started hanging out and said she realized she was being dumb. The food we made was awesome. I am a pretty good cook and can make vegetables like the best thing on earth so I worked my magic tonight and we made a great meal. She got me a massage, which I have never had and am looking forward to using after the big ski weekend I got planned this week.

Jenn (Coworker) and I talked a little bit this weekend and I sent her an e-mail a while ago just laying out how I felt about a stupid fight we had gotten into. We have not talked in two weeks really and last night went out to celebrate a mutual friends birthday so I manned up and talked to her but she was hammered so sent her a message while sober to clear everything up.

Work is not going as well as hoped, I am not meshing with my new bosses as well as I had hoped. But I wont be around much in the next month between spring break and skiing, so for now I will just deal.

I am working on my future and have applied for a few more jobs this week and have heard positive feed back, my interviews start soon. Keep your fingers crossed because I really need to get a job.

The only bad news I have gotten in a while is that I wont see my family till graduation, but I guess that is part of growing up. Anyways have a great night guys. I spent the weekend rocking out to old blink-182 while I was driving around but I doubt many of you even listen to the videos I post on here so I'm gonna skip that tonight.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blogging > Homework

I have a paper to write, a couple readings to catch up on and then another online thing I don't even understand that is going to take some serious reading and note reading to complete so of course I have made the logical decision to write a blog post.

Nothing major but I have had some stuff on my mind. One thing that has been on my mind is kids. RJ talked about kids on his blog and that got my mind on it and then I hung out with some little kids this week (nothing creepy, I was hanging with my cousins who were passing through town and stopped to see me).  The cherry on top of this parental cake was the awesome Darth Vader commercial for the new Passat, that little kid cracks me up and I hope some day to be the dad who can make my kids believe in magic (I am too corny sometimes). But anyways I have had kids on the brain.

I am 22 and by no means ready for kids, but I know that some day in the not too distant future I will be. I want them before 30 because I want to be young enough that my kids still connect with me. I just look forward to having a little kids running around who rely on you for everything but at the same time give you way more than they know. Just the two hours with the little guys this week and they made me feel like the most important guy on earth. I know that parenting is more than just cool moments and sports boosters meetings but I have to say I think I am mature enough to handle it. And now that I am not so stressed about graduation (I have 4 more interviews coming up and one job offer in the bag) and things okay in my social life (I am still ignoring the fact that inside I can barely stand being in a room with Kyle and I need to talk him still.... one day at a time) my mind is wandering. I am enjoying a somewhat lower level of stress but that may have something to do with my always putting off my growing pile of work. This weekend will be pretty full of me studying and working but in a couple weeks I am going to hit the slopes with some friends.

Well I should shower and finish my HW. You guys stay classy.

This tune has been stuck in my head since it came on Pandora today while I was actually being productive for once. Not sure why, I have never really listened to this group but why not.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bros day out

This week has been a good one. After the big change at work things were a little bumpy but I am giving it time. I got my first formal job offer this week as well and it is nice to just have one. That being said, I am still looking for other jobs as this one doesn't really take me where I want to go(not that I really know where that is right now, but I just know it isn't this direction)

So as I try and figure out the future I am still enjoying the present and this week I had a great day with all my old friends here at school. Me, all the roommates and then some other friends went out to lunch earlier this week and ended up getting a few buckets of beers and just sitting for 3 hours and telling stories on each other from our almost four years at school. It was awesome and no one really had anything that night so we just kept hanging out, drank some more at our apartment and then ended up talking and watching TV till we all went to bed. It was sweet to hangout with everyone, get drunk and have a good time like the old days. We are all really busy with our lives and I can't remember the last time all of us got to hang out like that.

Flash forward to today and Kyle (my roommate who told people, I have decided to name my roommates) and I along with some other people were sitting around and watching TV while we both did laundry in our building and he kept bugging the shit out of me. I have been putting off talking to him because all I want to do yell at him for being such a tool. But I will wait till I am calm. I know I need to do it but I keep putting it off.

As for GF2 and I we are doing better. We talked this week, but even today I want to go out with some friends for drinks and she has been really clingy this week I can tell she wanted to hang out. I am going to meet her later after I grab a beer or 5 and she knows this but I can tell she is pissy that I am going out. At this point I have decided not to compromise on what I want to do and let whatever happens happen.

Anyway guys have a good weekend and enjoy the super bowl, I will be cheering for the packers for the simple reason that I hate the Bears. For some reason I have had this song stuck in my head recently. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Over it.

I am going to write a big post tomorrow. But my weekend was rather interesting. GF2 and I got into our biggest fights on Friday and then I left town on Saturday to go see some friends who already graduated. We had talked it out by then but I really needed that break. I came back on Sunday and we talked about it a little but that was it really and things are a little better. This music video kind of captures how I am feeling about my life. In the beginning everything is all put together but watch it till the end and you will see how I feel. Especially about my relationship, I feel like one of the guys who leaves and GF2 is still trying to make this work like the last girl left at the end. 

I also said bye to my boss this weekend and that didn't go as well as planned. I could use a reason to celebrate right now.