Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Out with the old

So instead of finishing my posts I decided to write a new one first. As I have said, my life has changed a lot over the course of this summer but I think I am adapting pretty well. But I have decided to stop focusing on the maturity that has been thrust upon me by the situations I find myself in and focus on enjoying the things around me. My new friends in this new city, my ability to just take off for a weekend and do something, and my ability to stay relatively sane.

Luckily for me I have had some great support from multiple areas of my life. My new friends I started with at work and some of the people on my team, a couple of my best friends from the blog world and real world, and a little bit of alcohol never hurt. Okay there was a lot of drinking and more tears than I care to admit, but I am only human. And moving forward things will be different.

Anyways what I want to get out of this post is that I have adapted to my new surroundings and still have a lot to say on here, I just had to get used to everything this summer. Now that those days are over and I am wearing sweaters to work (because I am too lazy to iron) I can focus on enjoying the fall, college football, and this new chapter of my life. And I think my dick will be enjoying this time of my life too, soo look out for those updates.

PS. To the reader who called me out today. Don't worry, no more posts about how I am not writing.

Here is a song to end of summer fellas. I hope you all take the end of summer as well as I am.

Unfinished business

I just counted, I have 8 unfinished posts in here. I suck at this. I am gonna finish at least on, if not two after work today. Last night I stayed late at work and then came home and did more work. I now regret bitching about my workload in college. I would go back in a heart beat. But I am still loving living alone and the world of being an adult but I am ready for a few months of nothing changing. From may to August so many things in my life changed, from where I live, my friends, my daily routine, and my parents signed their separation a few weeks ago and I am the only one speaking to my mom right now so things are strained to say the least. 

I think back to graduation and I am slightly amazed at how my life got here so fast. Anyways I will update this afternoon, not that anyone really reads this.