Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Never look back...

So the title of this post is somewhat misleading, but it is something I think about. I have been traveling on and off for my job and this increase in travel has brought to the surface something I used to think about a lot. There are 300 million plus people in this country, and while technology makes things harder this day, I have always wanted to just get on a plane and disappear. poof. gone. No more snowsportsguy. Just toss my cell phone and start over. Live a whole new life, in a new city. Be the guy I want to be. That is the thing about this dream or idea though. I always picture myself living one step ahead of where I really am. with a better body, more money, and this awesome life. It just seems so care free. I know it isn't real. But on some level I am ready to get out of the heartland of the country, live in a costal city and be an asshole for lack of a better word. But something holds me back.... I guess it is my heart. I am too close with my family and the gf has really become something special to me. We have really grown together and it has been awesome. And even though my life is great, I secretly long to get on that flight to who knows where and just live a whole new life.... but that isn't reality.

So instead I am going to try and sleep because I have to get up pretty early for a long day of work tomorrow and slowly work towards my real dreams. (currently my dream is to take a sweet ski/board trip this winter, I'm saving up so I am hoping it happens)

I think I am going to start writing on here more again. Not sure what it will be about, but I have stuff to talk about, I really don't care anymore if anyone reads it. I just want to write to get things out of my head. That being said, I wish anyone who reads this the best of luck, and if you happen to be in an airport and see a guy zoning off with blue earbuds in, it might just be me.