Sunday, May 11, 2014

Don't Wait

Hello Internet.
I live and have been living an incredibly crazy life the last few months. This is a goodbye of sorts post. I have moved on to a new phase of life and if I live through this incredibly turbulent flight, I am ready to move on with my life with only my voice in my head.

Quick life update:
I moved.
I got married.
We moved again.
I got promoted.
She starts work soon.

Life has been good and I wanted you guys to know that. You might not all agree with my choices, but in the end, its my life and I have to live it.

I wish you all the best. I'll check this email from time to time and I am still in contact with multiple people the internet has brought into my life.

Signing off from 17E this time

Guy Next Door.

And just to throw in something to make this post me, here is a song I have had stuck in my head the last few days.


  1. I wish you, your wife and your family a lifetime of unending happiness. Thanks for sharing your journey here. It's been an honor getting to know a little bit about you.

  2. Good luck. For the sake of the other's that have walked in your shoes, it would be nice to see how things are going, but if we don't hear from you I guess the lesson is, he lived happily ever after. Cheers man.

  3. Hi Bi-Guy, I'm living the life as you are my friend. It has been some what of a ride with me as well. BI & married, 3 boys that are grown and on their own.
    I still have the desire to see, touch, suck & cuddle with a man. That desire will probably and hopefully never go away. But my life in whole has been wonderful. I sometimes think WOW, if I was in my mid 20's again, and living in todays world, with the openess and somewhat-exceptance of being Gay, Bi etc. Would I have chosen another path in my life. Guess I will never know that answer. SO I will take this time to say welcome to my world, and Congratulations to you both on your Marriage. May it be as Wonderful as your hearts and mind can picture it.

    Take care and have a great day. Lets see if we can become friends and chat once and awhile. Big Buddy Hugs to you. John.