Saturday, October 19, 2013

Life is funny sometimes.

In a new direction from my last post, life has an interesting way of  bringing people into your life. After 4 years of blogging, almost a month off I think... I'm not really sure and don't want to go look, I had not met anyone from the blog world but after the last couple weeks I have met 3. The most recent was  incredibly random but I really enjoyed it. 

I get an email Thursday during the day telling me to keep my head up and thanking me for sharing my story.  Trevor (I picked this name while I was with him... He is not a Trevor at all but it stuck) signs off the email saying he is a fellow skier from  X.  As soon as I see it I respond and say hey man thanks for the  note, I am actually traveling to X tonight and have some free time tomorrow while my friends work if you want to grab lunch.  

Flash forward to us having a great lunch and just talking about life and being completely honest with each other., something I don't get to do too often. So just wanted to say thanks for reading everyone. I have some songs and pics I want to post. Last night we ended up at some crazy house party that involved way too many horrible Jell-O shots. 

Alright more later, time for some bloodies and sight seeing now that last person is dressed and showered. More later friends. 


(Honestly, if this post goes to show anything I could be right next door and we won't know, so drop me a note, maybe I'll be in your town soon.) 

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  1. definitely more than a little jealous of these guys...