Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Drinks after work

What's up to the few people who still read this blog. I am currently drunk in a hotel room somewhere in the USA. I honestly probably couldn't pin point this city on a map, but that is neither here nor there, so lets get on with the drunken ramble.

I have a lot of big life stuff in the next couple weeks and I will somewhat fill you guys in on those things. But one of the most significant things to me is finally getting to meet RJ. We are supposed to meet up and I am going to stay over at his place next week. I really hope everything works out this time. Him and I have not been able to talk as much recently and I miss him, not only as a balancing force in my life, but also as the person who knows me better than probably anyone else on earth.

When we were supposed to hang out a few months ago I wanted to take a picture of our shoes next to each other and post it, I really am pretty pumped to be able to do that next week.

I hope you guys have been well. As for a song this time I am going to go with a country tune, even though I already converted my radio presets off there summer country station rotation(back to a rap and a classic rock station), I still have this tune stuck in my head. While the part of the song about meeting a girl doesn't apply, so much of the rest of it does. So go out and Enjoy a 7&7 for me and listen to this tune.

Until next week,


  1. Hey man! I hope with you everything goes well so you can finally meet RJ. That seems so cool to me to meet someone off the blogosphere in real life. I hope RJ is doing well too, since suddenly all content dissapeared from his blog, which is something I regret and left me worrying what would've happened after his bf 'discovered' his blog. Have fun together!

  2. i'll be waiting to hear about this.