Monday, October 21, 2013

Wheres your head at?

I had an awesome and exhausting weekend. Now it's Monday night and I'm laying here and I can't sleep before I get up early for work. I'm listening to music and not sure what is running through my mind. I need to write it out, I'm just not there yet. I really am just to the point where I want to sleep in my own bed (I typed hotel bed without even realizing it, if that shows where my life has been recently).

I have a song that has been stuck in my head. There is a line in here "I say out loud this is the last time." Anyways. It's a little different but here it is. Addicted - Morgan Page featuring Greg Laswell (who I also really like on his own)

One final note, I got an email and realized a lot of people follow this blog on feedspot and I'm sure on other sites like it, I had no idea but I hope you guys take the time to find the songs since the videos don't cross over to those sites. The music I put on here captures how I feel at a lot of moments on life better than the words do. And a few times they have come together in such emotional messages that it is hard for me to go back and experience those posts again. 

Alright. Goodnight guys. I'm going to count the speckles on my ceiling.



GUYS. I almost forgot. My URL was spelled wrong. I got rid of the random s that has been in there for almost 3 years. Thanks to Trevor for calling me out on being completely oblivious to that this week. And for the rest of you thanks for nothing... No actually thanks for 2 years and 11 months. I also looked at how long I had been at this... Hard to believe sometimes 

Update to the update. My URL is back to being mis spelled... It breaks all the linked subscriptions.  That Extra S in close(s)ted  is going to be there for as long as this thing lives on the internet. We win some and we lose some. My URL is like me, imperfect. 


  1. I have to disagree with you on something. " The music captures how I feel at a lot of moments on life better than the words do."

    I'm sure it does, but the song did nothing for me.

    You're words however told me a lot, and I find them quite interesting.

    So, if you think a song can replace, or even outshine your words when it comes to communicating how you feel, you may be wrong, or right, it's obviously depends on the individual.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I can't dictate what you take from the blog in any means, if anyone actually takes anything at all, which I know people do but I am still shocked by that sometimes. Either way, I just want people to experience the blog as I intended it to be experienced. I get really invested in music, it can alter my mood and it can allow me to express my emotions in a much clearer way. So listen to the music if you want, or don't, it doesn't really matter to me, but I like the music and it is a part of me.